Darknet Market


  • Dream Market - is an online darknet market founded in late 2013. The marketplace sells a variety of content, including drugs, stolen data, and counterfeit consumer goods, all using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency along with many. Dream provides an escrow service, with disputes handled by staff. (Read More...)
  • Wall Street Market - is arguably one of the better looking darknet markets around. It is being marketed as “the most innovative and modern marketplace for physical and digital goods.” It is a multisig darknet marketplace that also features the option for PGP login and an “autoshop” for digital products. (Read More...)
  • Point / T•chka Free Market - T•chka (Rebranded as Point Marketplace) allows you to buy and sell your stuff instantly. And you don’t have to communicate with other party at all. Buy or sell coordinates of your buried treasures. Finalize the trade only if you are satisfied with your purchase, or get your money back otherwise. Rate & review your purchases and sellers.
  • Olympus Market - is one of the newest darknet markets which appeared online towards the end of 2017. While it is still in it’s alpha stages, it appears that everyone who has stumbled upon the market it overwhelmingly impressed.
  • Rapture Market - Multisig market + Direct Deal Function inside market. Only for Trusted vendors.
  • Cannazon - Market for cannabis products only, By this it want to distance this marketplace explicitly from illegal and highly dangerous drugs. For non US buyers and sellers.
  • Silk Road 3 Market - The name Silk Road has become synonymous with buying drugs on the internet. Older Silk Road marketplaces have been closed down, however, every now and then, a new one with a similar name pops up. That’s why you should be wary of using this marketplace. Agora and other more trusted marketplaces are safer bets.
  • Berlusconi Market - surfaced in the summer of 2017. It does not contain multisig and forced vendor PGP but it does have 2FA. The commission is 2% and the vendor bond varies from $0-250.
  • HYDRA - is a Russian darknet market referred to as a “trading platform” and a “center of trust and arbitration.” It facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers but is not directly involved in the sale or purchase transactions they undertake. It, however, facilitates or supports dispute resolution. This darknet market focuses on recreational drugs or narcotic substances.


  • Darknet Central Forum - was an OPSEC and market discussion forum, very similar to The HUB. It currently cannot be reached on the dark web.
  • The Hub Forum - One of the largest forums on the dark web, The Hub provides useful information on any topic related to darknet marketplaces and transactions.
  • OnionLand Forum - is a forum platform where you can go and learn about the world of the dark web. This is one of the firsts steps into the hidden web. It is open for discussions about dark web markets and other questions you might have related to this topic.
  • 0day Forum - Forum about hacking, marketplace for Accounts, Security Services. Tutorials and Payment Systems too.
  • Kick Ass - English private hacking/carding board.


  • Blockchain - is a bitcoin block explorer service, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet supporting bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. They also provide Bitcoin data charts, stats, and market information.
  • BitBlender - is a hidden service where you are able to mix your Bitcoins to remove the link between you and your transaction. With this you will get a crucial layer of anonymity to your online activities and it will also protect you against ‘Blockchain Analysis’.
  • BitCloak - is a new Bitcoin mixer that has appeared on the Darknet and which offers some interesting new features compared to other mixers. The first notable thing about BitCloak is that one cannot enter the website until they completely disable Javascript because they will be redirected to an error page if they fail to do so.

Email providers

  • Bitmessage - is a decentralized, encrypted, peer-to-peer, trustless communications protocol that can be used by one person to send encrypted messages to another person, or to multiple subscribers.
  • ProtonMail - is an end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2014 at the CERN research facility. ProtonMail uses client-side encryption to protect email contents and user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers. The service can be accessed through a webmail client, the Tor network or dedicated iOS and Android apps.
  • Riseup - is a volunteer-run collective providing secure email account, email list, VPN, online chat, and other online services; the organization was launched by activists in Seattle in 1999.


  • Facebook - is a site that allows access to Facebook through the Tor protocol, using its .onion top-level domain.
  • 8chan - is an American imageboard website composed of user-created boards. Each board is moderated by its owner, with minimal interaction from other site administration.
  • Cryptocat - is an open source desktop application intended to allow encrypted online chatting available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. It uses end-to-end encryption to secure all communications to other Cryptocat users.
  • TorChat - is a decentralized anonymous instant messenger that uses Tor hidden services as its underlying network. It provides cryptographically secure text messaging and file transfers. The characteristics of Tor's hidden services ensure that all traffic between the clients is encrypted and that it is very difficult to tell who is communicating with whom and where a given client is physically located.